THE OWNERS OF REIGN. and THE BIG SHOW are happy to announce the opening of N°21 for July!!


THE JULY ROUND OF N°21 WILL OPEN AT 12pm slt (NOON) on the 21st.



This event is going to be hosted on the 21st of each month and will run for 21 days.

21 Exclusive designers will be chosen to participate each round.


On this site you will find links to applications for bloggers and designers as well as a monthly update of the exclusives for the event.



  1. I saw this event on the feeds and didn’t realize it didn’t open until noon. BUYER BEWARE…you will be shot and expelled from the place if you go early. Wonderful way to start ones day.

    1. We do have an orb ejecting any early shoppers, as we want it to remain fair for everyone who wants to attend. We have had many people TP in, as we are located where the event The Big Show used to take place. A lot of shoppers still TP in thinking to find The Big Show here and therefore we did have to take certain precautions to ensure our designers had their privacy without pressure to set up their creations.

      Thank you for your understanding.

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