Month: August 2014

Congratulations, bloggers!

As we are midway through the August round of N°21, it was time to say thank you and goodbye to our old bloggers, and welcome to our new (and returning!) bloggers.

Until the September round of N°21 has officially begun, I will not be changing the blogger list on The Line Up page, however I did want to bring attention to the fabulous bloggers who will be joining us for September and October!

Congratulations to:

Jade from Jadezilla
Rocky from An Adorkable Blog
Chinmi from ChiLLin
Iconique from TAB
Emi & Deanna from Haha-Die
Bubsy and Chloe from Lust Rage Worn
Nana from Where is Nana
Keellywild from Wishglossy
Fernanda and Noan from Vetrovian
Alice from VicioSL
& Micah from VirtualTrashCan

Thank you to all our applicants!  Applications will re-open in October!



The August round is well underway! Make sure you hop over to N°21 before September 10th to ensure that you are able to pick up some of our participating stores’ amazing items!

If you haven’t seen the line up of designers for August, make sure you visit that page immediately!

We are happy to feature some returning stores such as Little Bones, Atomic, and Moon, while some new stores are also participating, such as Floorplan, PIDIDDLE, and Olive!

There are only 11 more days to shop! We’ll see you there!