Congratulations, bloggers!

As we are midway through the August round of N°21, it was time to say thank you and goodbye to our old bloggers, and welcome to our new (and returning!) bloggers.

Until the September round of N°21 has officially begun, I will not be changing the blogger list on The Line Up page, however I did want to bring attention to the fabulous bloggers who will be joining us for September and October!

Congratulations to:

Jade from Jadezilla
Rocky from An Adorkable Blog
Chinmi from ChiLLin
Iconique from TAB
Emi & Deanna from Haha-Die
Bubsy and Chloe from Lust Rage Worn
Nana from Where is Nana
Keellywild from Wishglossy
Fernanda and Noan from Vetrovian
Alice from VicioSL
& Micah from VirtualTrashCan

Thank you to all our applicants!  Applications will re-open in October!


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