Month: July 2015


If you or someone you know has been interested in Participating in N°21, Here is your chance!

-Even if you have put in an application previously feel free to fill out a new one.

-N°21 is currently looking for Male Designers with a unique style who can bring something extra to the event.

-Not currently Looking for any Permanent designers, we are accepting designers on a guest basis only at this time.-

(Hair spaces are really full, if you are an applying hair designer please do not get discouraged if you are not picked right away as we have alot of hair designers currently in rotation but do try to rotate in new ones as often as possible.)

-To apply simply click the Designer Application tab across the top of the page!-

If you have any questions regarding the event or rules that can not be answered on the application feel free to contact KenadeeCole Resident in world for more information. I look forward to seeing everyone’s application.