N°21 Q&A

Q.- Where is N°21 Located?

A.- N°21 will be located on theYesterday sim, where The Big Show used to be located.

(The landmark for the event will be sent out at the open to each round through the N°21 Update group)


Q.- How do I join the Update group for N°21?

A- Group joiners can be found at the N°21 Event Venue or any participating store’s location.


Q.- Where do I find a list of the current exclusives at N°21?

A.- The main page will be updated each round with that month’s exclusives from each designer.


Q.- Why Can’t I find previous round items from N°21?

A.- Every three months, the items found in N°21 are limited edition and will not be sold again.  Those months will be:  July 2014, October 2014, January 2015, April 2015, so on and so forth.


Q.- How are designers selected to be invited to N°21?

A.- Designers are selected based on several qualities. 

-Passion for creating, Originality, over all quality, and dedication.

(A variation of items and styles will be displayed at N°21. There will be something for everyone)


Q.- How can I apply to be a N°21 Guest Designer?

A.- Please fill out the application by selecting blogger or deisgner application from the main page.


Q.- How do I become a permanent Designer for N°21 Each month.

A.- We will invite designers who show dedication and passion for our event to be permanent after the first few rounds of N°21 have been established and are under our belt.


Q.- What if I am not invited to participate as a blogger or designer for the next round.

A.- We will review applications every round, please do not feel discouraged if you are not accepted for a particular round. Everyone has a chance each round, DON’T GIVE UP.




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